Retinal Care

Retinal Care Overview

The retina may be a simple, thin layer of photosensitive tissue in the back of the eye. But it plays a vital role, by converting images into chemical and nervous signals that travel to the brain, enabling us to see images. Any conditions, diseases, or injuries affecting the retina, and its related components, the macula and the vitreous, can pose serious threats to your eye and vision health.

If you suspect or are living with a vitreoretinal condition, we will perform a comprehensive ophthalmological examination, employing cutting-edge technology and techniques. Our team of retina specialists — including highly-trained, experienced ophthalmologists, surgeons, and technicians — can then quickly develop a personalized treatment plan. Whether this includes regular monitoring, medication, or surgery, we will work to help preserve and recover your vision.

At The Retina Eye Center, we provide comprehensive diagnostic care and treatment for a wide array of retinal, macular, and vitreous conditions. You can select a condition from the list below to learn more.